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  1. LED Backlit Display Light Box in Home Cinema

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Meet the Team

CEO and Founder, Mark Foulkes BEng (Hons), MBA
Mark is a professional engineer working in the automotive industry for a major OEM for over 25 years. He holds a 1st Class Engineering Degree with Honours from Coventry University and a Masters in Business and Administraion (MBA) with Merit from Wawick University.

Mark has a real passion for Formula 1, Fitness, Martial Arts and Home Entertainment.
Sales & Marketing Director, Nicola Foulkes MSc (Hons)
Nicola is a professional program manager working in the financial district in London for a major bank.

Nicola enjoys Reading, Formula 1, Martial Arts and Home Entertainment, Fitness
LED Light Box Displays Ltd was born after having a cinema installed at home and wanting to put some authentic finishing touches to it, found myself struggling to find a suitable product to display the Movie Posters. 

First I had to find a Light Box Retailer and there are plenty, but the the issues arose when I discovered they were all produced in stock sizes (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0) which is not surprising as they are used on a larger scale for advertising.  The issue here is that the movie posters are not a standard size and as a result, there would be either large gaps around the sides or top, or a large portion of the poster would be missing once cropped to size.

The next issue is that I wanted a frame that didn't reflect the light coming off the screen or tv. This isn't a problem with advertising products, but for the home, I wanted something more stylish and black.

Advertising products have one setting BRIGHT. Although this is great for the day in kids playrooms for example, it's terrible for a cinema room, media room, entertainment room, bedroom, lounge, dining room etc... as it's a real distraction. I wanted a product where you could reduce the brightness.

Reducing the brightness allows for a number of benefits. First it means you can keep them on while watching your films. Second, they eliminate something called 'eye fatigue' which comes from sitting in a dark room with no other form of light other than the screen. Third, it opens up the ability to use all around the house.

Working with exisiting manufacturers of commercial grade advertising products, rated at over 50,000hrs usage, I designed my own product and included all the homely functions;-

  • Black Contempory Light Resistant Frame
  • Correct Aspect Ratio to fit Movie Posters
  • Remote Controlled
  • Fully Dimmable with both fully Variable settings and Quick use buttons
  • Easy to operate with Snap Open frame to change image in under 1 minute
  • Anti Glare screens available
  • Ability to include within existing Control 4 and Crestron systems or use independantly